My Lip Gloss Collection | Kristen Evans

For someone who never wears lip gloss, I have way to many collected. I was looking through my lipgloss stash and decided that I would show you guys! Also, I’m ranking them from most to least favorite!

1. Tarte Glossy Lip Paint. Shade: “Hella”

This is my favorite lipgloss that I own but honestly it’s almost not lipgloss. It has a shiny appearance, but it’s a lot thicker than a gloss normally is. So, it’s kind of cheating, but I’m gonna stick it on the lipgloss list anyways.


2. Ulta Beauty Color Rush Lip Gloss. Top shade “Elizabeth”, Bottom Shade “Brigette”

I actually really like the consistency of these two shades. The formula is a lot thicker than I expected and I really like that. IMG_3971


3. Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain: Shade 13

I know this isn’t a lipgloss, but the appearance looks so much like a gloss that it makes my “Lip gloss” list. I really like this product, I just think the color is more of a spring/summer shade, so I haven’t worn it very much!IMG_3974

4. Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-in-Oil: Shade 19.

This is definitely one of my top favorites. It makes my lips look so pretty and naturally shiny.



5. Smashbox Be Legendary Lip-Lacquer. Shade: Calypso

The quality itself if okay, I really like the color; However, the formula is very sticky, which is something that I don’t love.


6. Gerard Cosmetics Lighted Lip Gloss. Top Shade “Rose Hill”, Bottom Shade “Butter Cream”.

I’m pretty sure the only reason these lip glosses were popular was because they came with a light. I don’t love these products, they’re average and they don’t stay long at all.


7. NARS Velvet LipGlide. Shades From Left to Right: Rapture and Night Together.

These are my least favorite lip glosses. I originally expected them to more of a lipstick because of the name. However, they’re just not what I expected and it was a big disappointment. As for the quality, they are great lip glosses, they just don’t advertise them as lip glosses, which is annoying.


What’s your favorite lip gloss?


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