February Favorites | Kristen Evans

I forgot to do my December and January favorites and I apologize but I’ll do my best to keep my favorites page updated! I know a lot of you have told me that you really enjoy seeing my monthly favorites, so I do plan to continue doing them!

Anyways, like I always do with my monthly favorites posts, I’ve included a few of my favorites and you can check them all out on my Monthly Favorites Page.


This Nars bronzer (Laguna) is AMAZING. I apply it lightly over my entire face to give myself a natural tan, without looking orange.
Kylie Cosmetics has never disappointed me and this Penelope lipstick is so perfect! I can already tell that I’m going to love this for Spring/Summer 2018 makeup looks.
I love this palette. It’s a perfect dupe for the Huda beauty sandstorm palette (I think?) but i’m obsessed with the color range and quality!
I usually don’t wear lipgloss because I hate how sticky it feels but this YSL Gloss (shade 19) is gorgeous and doesn’t make my lips feel sticky at all!

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