Drugstore Dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills “Prism” Eyeshadow Palette | Kristen Evans

If you watched my last Youtube video, you probably knew that this post was going to happen. After noticing how great of a dupe that the Aura palette was from Shop Hush, I just couldn’t let it go.

So today I was just going to show you guys how AMAZING this dupe palette is.

Let’s start with the details for both palettes:

The Anastasia Beverly Hills palette will cost you $32.00. While the Aura palette only costs $12.00. Both palettes feature 14 gorgeous shades, however the ABH palette does come with a little brush (the Aura palette from Bad Habit, does not). So, if you’re just a huge fan of the little crappy brushes that makeup companies include in their palettes for the heck of it and if you believe that the brush is worth the $20 difference, then this post isn’t for you!


The swatches:

The swatches for both of the palettes are INSANE. I took the corresponding shades for each palette and swatched them next to each other. 21As you can probably already see, the swatches are nearly identical for EVERY shade. I’m obsessed with this dupe!

Both palettes are amazing. As with any cheap dupe, you’re gonna lose some certain qualities. However, I really couldn’t tell a huge difference with the quality of the pigments. The ABH palette shades were a tad bit easier to blend, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think.



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