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Good Morning America,

I’ve collaborated with the amazing cosmetics company, Hush, to bring you all some honest reviews for a few of their products! Prior to receiving these products, I have never tried or heard of Hush Cosmetics; However, their website was adorable and looked very interesting! So I was super excited to try out the makeup!

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Sugar Palette x Face Candy

IMG_3507IMG_3534IMG_0768This palette is a great dupe for anyone that wanted the Peaches and Cream Eyeshadow Palette from Too Faced. The colors are very creamy. While the shades aren’t extremely pigmented, most of them are blendable. The only shade that I didn’t like was Blueberry Pie. It just came off very splotchy and looked funny on my skin. Other than that, the palette was a BIG thumbs-up for me! You can find the eyeshadow palette at this link.

Retro Love x Bad Habit

IMG_3502IMG_3522IMG_0764For anyone out there that has been wanting to get the ABH Subculture palette, this is the best dupe for you. I love this palette so much. The shades are seriously gorgeous. I will say that they aren’t as pigmented as I had hoped but, like the Sugar palette, they can be layered and blended out quite nicely. If you want this palette, click the link here.

Inferno x Bad Habit


This is my absolute FAVORITE palette. You guys would not believe how great these shades are and for ONLY $12.00, it’s an exact dupe for the Urban Decay “Heat” Palette and TRUST ME, it’s amazing. The metallic shades are SO gorgeous and the matte shades blend out like a dream. I can’t say enough good things about this palette. You can find it at this link.


Aphrodite x Bad Habit 


This palette shocked me, I really didn’t expect to love the pigments as much as I do! They are crazy gorgeous and blend nicely. I love the variety of shades as well. The palette is so versatile and I can think of tons of looks to do with it! It reminds me of Huda Beauty! You can find this palette at this link.


Unicorn Glow Highlight x Face Candy 


The highlighters were crazy. They really did illuminate on my skin without looking chalky or streaky. The palette is a good dupe for ABH Moon Child. I love these highlighters. If you’re looking for a good highlight palette, this is the one for you! Check it out here.


Aura x Bad Habit 


This is an exact dupe of ABH Prism Palette. And honestly the shades were crazy pigmented. If you’ve been wanting the Prism Palette, I HIGHLY suggest that you try this one first. I watched a few of the shades from both palettes and the Aura palette looked a lot better, in my opinion. Which is crazy considering the palette is only $12.00, if you want to check this palette out, click this link.


MidSummer Night x Bad Habit


I originally gave this palette a thumbs-down. The shade range really didn’t appeal to me, However, the pigments themselves are pretty good quality. It’s very similar to Lorac’s “Mega Pro” Palette. And I just don’t love the shades, that’s really it! They looked gorgeous on swatches, it’s just not what I would typically go for when doing an eyeshadow look. So I mean, I would recommend this product because it is good quality, I just don’t personally like the shades. You can find the product here.

Let me know what you guys think of my latest review!

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