How To Actually Keep A New Year’s Resolution | Kristen Evans

Don’t make resolutions. Those are too easy to break. Instead, make small changes to better yourself. You have to think about it this way, if you don’t fulfill these hopes and dreams for yourself, your year will be just as disappointing as the previous. In a perfect world, we could say “I’m going to drop 20 lbs, read more, curse less, and actually eat healthy.” and follow through.

BUT. This isn’t a perfect world.

We all know good an well that 95% of our New Years Resolutions will go down the drain within two weeks. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, “This girl is such a negative nancy.”

HAHA. No I’m a realist. 

I say all of this, not to kill your dreams, but to actually HELP you. I challenge you to NOT make New Years Resolutions. BUT instead, make small changes that will help you step into the direction you desire.

Confused? Well let me explain a little more…

Instead of writing down a list of cliche dreams that will likely fizzle out within a week, why not, AND HEAR ME OUT ON THIS, take baby steps by only doing one new thing. Nobody said that you have to decide everything you want from the new year in one sitting.

Want to get healthy next year? Instead of jumping onto the vegan train and quitting cold-turkey, (PUN INTENDED) challenge yourself to drink more water daily and cut down fast-food to once or twice a week. Baby steps like this will keep you from being overwhelmed and giving up!

Want to get closer to God? Join a bible study group or set an alarm on your phone reminding you to read a verse from your bible. Baby steps really do go a long way.

And these rules follow for ANY resolution. Don’t overwhelm yourself by totally changing, we’re creatures of habit and we’re not going to become new people just because it’s a new year.

Whatever your New Year’s Dreams may be, I honestly hope you fulfill them. I would like to wish all of my lovely followers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you so much for all of the love and support you have all shown me. You will never understand how much it meant to me. Thank you and see you next year (haha, I’m cheesy)


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