Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List | Kristen Evans

Everyone probably realizes that Christmas is just a few days away and if you’re a procrastinator and haven’t picked up a present for a few important people in your life, WELL please keep reading.

I’ve been in situations before where I have literally just put-off buying a gift for someone because I couldn’t think of anything to get them. And since Christmas is days away, ordering online is NOT AN OPTION anymore. So, I’ve listed just a few ideas for anyone you could possibly need to buy something for.

For your mother, sister, aunt, or basically any female in your life…

  • Giftcard for a Manicure/Pedicure: This is a very easy gift idea and any girl would definitely appreciate it because, I personally know that I LOVE getting my nails done but find it hard to justify spending $40 on my nails. So, treat them to a manicure or pedicure; I promise, they’ll love it.
  • Coffee Mugs: Another extremely easy gift. You can pick up a coffee mug from TJMaxx for under $10, throw some coffee beans in there an you’re ready to go.
  • Blanket: EVERY GIRL LOVES BLANKETS. It’s a fact, I’ve never met a girl that just absolutely hated blankets. Target has some amazingly soft throws out right now and a lot of them are on sale right now. Just do it. You can thank me later.
  • Candles: I’m a sucker for candles and they make great gifts because most people hate spending $10+ on candles. It makes a PERFECT present.
  • Fuzzy Socks: These are also amazing gift ideas. Target has them on sale for $3, LITERALLY THAT’S A STEAL! Go out and pick up a pair of fuzzy socks, throw in a gift card, and BOOM! You’ve got an amazing gift on your hands.

For your brother, dad, uncle, and any other male on your list…

  • Hats: Unless you the know the guy absolutely HATES hats, then this is a very good gift idea. Avoid any sports teams, (UNLESS YOU’RE 100% positive of which team they’re bandwagoning on at the moment).
  • Movies: Every guy I know has a weird obsession with owning DVDs. If you can think of any movie that the guy likes, BOOM, perfect gift. (just make sure they don’t own it already).
  • Cologne: TJMaxx and Ross have gift sets right now and they’re VERY good deals, if you know the guy will like cologne. Like seriously, they have cologne from Calvin Klein, Versace, Burberry, and more for under $50.00. That’s an amazing gift for any guy in your life.
  • Boxers & Socks: Very cliche, but it’s a good gift. Everyone needs underwear and socks.
  • Anything from Academy: For most guys (that are outdoorsy-type) you can find the perfect gift from Academy. Yeti cups, clothes, fishing gear, etc.. if all else fails, buy a Yeti and throw a gift card in it. Boom. You’re welcome.

I hope this list helped you, if it didn’t, then you probably shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to purchase a gift. (LOL Just Kidding!) Anyways, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope you have an amazing holiday, spent with family and friends. I can’t believe 2017 is almost over!

Please let me know if you liked this post. I love hearing from you all.


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