Tips for staying calm during finals week. | Kristen Evans

For 99% of college students, finals week is basically 4 days of stressing out to the max and hoping for a good enough test score to raise your GPA. I, for one, understand totally how stressful finals week can be. My finals are coming up in a few short days, so yeah, I am basically a walking ball of stress at the moment.

I say all of this because I have a few tips and tricks that I like to use to help avoid the ever-so-dreadful finals week meltdown. If you need help staying calm and getting the most out of your study time, then PLEASE KEEP READING.

**Disclaimer, these tricks help me personally, my apologies if they do not benefit you, but HOPEFULLY, you will see positive results. And good luck with your exams!**


There’s nothing more stressful then showing up late to a final exam or accidentally sleeping-in, or going to the wrong classroom… blah.. blah… the list can go on an on. Mapping out your exam time/date/location can save you from a meltdown later. Also, make sure to stash scantrons everywhere. EVERYWHERE.


    2. Give yourself time to study and time to relax. 

My main issue with exams is that I prioritize studying TOO much. I forget to sit back and relax, which can be just as bad, too much studying can cause negative stress on your body. However with that being said, don’t put off studying until the last minute, because for most people, that’s more trouble than it’s worth. I find it WAY easier to study a little section each night, that way I don’t have to cram the day before.



 Studies have shown that getting a good nights rest after learning new material actually HELPS you retain information. So, to help yourself learn more in less time, study a few sections every night before the exam. BUT DON’T stay up all night before, your brain needs rest. So, if you must, wake up earlier instead to study.


     4. Treat Yo’ self 

My favorite way to trick myself into studying is to reward myself after a long study session with something I love. So try to come up with little ways to reward yourself after studying. So if there’s some Christmas present you’ve been wanting to buy yourself, just say “If I make an A on this exam, I’ll buy myself a present.” Trust me, it helps.


     5. Think ahead.

Nothing is worse then drowning in thoughts of how hard the upcoming week of finals will be. So, how can you be positive about that and not be stressed out?! Well, just think, HEY, after I finish these exams, I get time off to relax and enjoy the holidays. Which makes it totally bearable for me.

I really hope these little tips help you. I know everyone deals with stress in their own way, so if you’re nothing like me, you’ll probably think these tricks are ridiculous. I really hope they help you though. Please let me know your tips and tricks for staying calm and avoiding stress during finals week.



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