Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Palette | Kristen Evans

Hey everyone,

If you checked out November Favorites Page, you may have noticed that I hinted that I would be posting a review for this Huda Beauty Palette. WELL, here it is! And may I just say that this is the first product I’ve EVER tried/worn/purchased of Huda Beauty. So, I was really excited for this.

So, here’s a look at the palette…




  • The colors are EXTREMELY PIGMENTED.
  • They blend really well.
  • There isn’t terrible fall-out from the shadows.
  • It’s perfect for on-the-go makeup; fits perfectly into my makeup bag.
  • Not too expensive ($18.00)
  • Has a mirror! Which really comes in handy.
  • The range of colors is pretty good.


  • The colors are hard to remove (I sometimes have slight red stains on my eyelids after using the red pigments)
  • Some colors are streaky (however, the streakiness can be blended out quite easily)
  • It’s not a TON of product for your money, but again, it’s only $18.00, which is pretty cheap for a higher-end brand.



So, as you can tell, some of the colors are sorta streaky. However, I think all of these pigments are just GORGEOUS. And as I said before, if you blend out the shades, the streakiness will disappear. Also, that gold shimmery shade is only applied with one swipe. (I KNOW?!) That is probably my favorite gold shade ever.

Overall Review

I would highly recommend this palette. The shades are so pretty and they apply even prettier. It’s totally worth the price. The only downside is that it’s more of a fall palette BUT I do create a lot of wintery looks with the palette though. So, I would say that you can still buy it without feeling guilty.

So, please let me know what you all think of the review! Have you tried this palette? And what’s your favorite product from Huda? I can’t wait to try more from this brand!


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