Morphe 35F Palette Review | Kristen Evans

Hey everyone,

So today I just wanted to do a little review for my Morphe 35F Palette. I feel like I’ve done WAY TOO many Morphe palette reviews, but I can’t help it. I love them! Can you blame me?

Anyways, let’s get this review started, shall we?



The palette costs $23.00 and comes with 35 gorgeous shades; 7 shades are matte, while the rest of the palette consists of shimmery colors.

I’m partial to Morphe palettes, ONLY because I have yet to find a palette that I didn’t like. The quality of the pigments is always AMAZING and It’s just hard to beat the product-to-price ratio. I mean, how many companies offer 35 gorgeous shades for $23.00 and then for them to actually be great quality?! It’s just unbeatable.

I think this palette is perfect for the transition from Fall to Winter, because you still have the warm tones, but they incorporate more dark shades to give you a real winter-look.


The swatches for Morphe Palettes are always hard to do; I don’t have enough room on my arms for 35 shades! (lol!) However, I really like seeing swatches on other blog posts, so I do my best to include them in my blog.


The top arm shades from left to right are the first 15 shades in the palette, the bottom arm has the next two shades. I kept the last row separate because it was the matte shades, they are shown below.

IMG_3278.jpgThe bottom row from right to left.


So, I have tried this palette a couple times already and I LOVE it. As I’ve said before, I can’t help but love Morphe Palettes. I don’t think I have anything negative to say about the palette other than the shimmery shades do have A LOT of fall-out. So, if you’re going for a glam look, just make sure to do the eyeshadow first so that you don’t ruin your foundation, base, etc.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. I plan on posting a few looks with this palette, PLEASE let me know what you think! What’s your favorite Morphe palette?


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