October Favorites | Kristen Evans

Hey everyone,

So here’s a look at my October Favorites! And yes, I do know that I’ve posted some of these products before as some of my favorites. Let’s all be realistic here, I’m in college, I don’t go out & drop hundreds of dollars on new products every month. So, yeah you’re going to see some products more than once and that’s because I’ve been using/loving them for the past month!

Let’s get started, shall we?

October Favorites

This Mac Skinfinish Powder is my go-to, I use it almost every single day.
I L.O.V.E the Cheek-A-Thon Palette, it literally covers everything I need. Especially during the fall & winter months, bronzer is ESSENTIAL.
My skin tends to look very bland after I lose my summer-glow, this stuff is INSANE; it makes me look and feel radiant.
This Clinique concealer is SO underrated. I used it in a few posts before, but really it’s SO easy to apply and perfect for when I’m in a rush.
I’ve been using this stuff SO much. It literally erases my pores and really works as a foundation primer.
I really like this nail polish shade, “Taupe is Chic”; it was honestly the perfect transition shade from Summer to Fall.
I’ve been loving these shades from my Z-Palette. I’m not sure what the names are, but they’re perfect for a warm fall eye-look
I recently purchased this lipstick, it’s in the shade “Tender” and I have been LOVING it.
This lipstick “Trust Issues” is so gorgeous, it’s not for everyday looks; However, it does look amazing for my “Grungey – Fall” makeup looks.
I’ve been wearing these earrings a lot lately, they’re just SO versatile! (They’re Kendra Scott btw)

I hope you all enjoyed this post, these are my favorite posts to create (lol pun). I just think it’s really cool for me to look back on all of the products I’ve been obsessing over for the past month.

As always, you guys can check these products out on my Favorites Page, enjoy!




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