Fall-to-Winter Outfits | Kristen Evans

Hey everyone,

I forgot to post last weeks outfit ideas for you all. So, here they are! Below are a few of my favorites looks, you can also find more looks from Kindred Spirit on my Lookbook.

PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO USE MY CODE: KRIS10 when you checkout for 10% off of your entire order! Thanks everyone!

download (19)
Comfy + Cozy Sweater $42.95
download (21)
Still Feels Like Summer Top – Berry (Back) $28.95
download (23)
Still Feels Like Summer Top – Sage (back) $28.95
download (35)
The Kelsey Flannel $38.95
download (42)
Dress Me in Leopard $32.00

I’ve been loving these outfits! I think they’re a perfect mix of Fall/Summer/with a touch of winter. They’re adorable and really affordable! Please let me know what you all think of these latest outfits!

(btw all of the clothing items in my featured image are from Forever21, except for the boots, they’re actually from Amazon)


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