How to: Be A Morning Person

If you’ve been alive on this earth long enough, you understand that nearly EVERY day of your life, you will be required to be awake entirely too early. And for most of us, it’s just a dreaded cycle that only ends for Saturdays and starts over every Monday.

Now, I’m a glass half full type person and the way I see it is, you’re going to have to wake up either way, so why not be happy about it? I understand that it’s easier said then done, So I’m here to help. I’ve listed a few tips and tricks that I’ve found to help me actually enjoy waking up early.


  1. Wake Up Thirty Minutes Earlier Then You Actually Have To.

WHAT?! Crazy right? Actually no. I’ve found that waking up and getting dressed for the day is 100x easier if I’m not in a rush. I actually wake up an hour earlier than I need to, simply because it gives me time to sip on a cup of coffee, do my makeup, read my daily devotional, and get dressed without having to rush. Morning’s can actually be enjoyable, it just TAKES TIME to see it. (Haha, lame pun.)

2.  Trick Your Mind Into Thinking That Mornings Are Crucial For You.

People have developed this mindset that sleep is a sacred time and shouldn’t be interrupted. Well you need to start seeing your mornings the same way. If you sleep in, you’ll miss out on VALUABLE “me” time, you never get that thirty minutes back. And on a real note, you’ll thank yourself later for allowing that extra time to get yourself put-together when you happen to run into an ex/ or someone else important.

3. You Actually Have MORE energy with LESS Sleep.

I’m not saying you only need thirty minutes of sleep to survive, so don’t read into this wrong. What I mean is that, have you ever noticed when you roll out of the bed at noon on the weekends you still feel groggy? Well that’s because your body can get TOO much sleep. It’s proven that if you get around 7-8 hours of sleep, you’ll wake up more energized.


4. Treat Yourself… Every Morning.

So, if nothing else works, you can make mornings fun by allowing yourself to do one thing you love like take a long hot shower, read a magazine, cook yourself a good breakfast. Waking up can be a lot more fun if you have something enjoyable planned for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post & let me know your morning routine tricks! What’s something that gets you ready for the day?



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7 thoughts on “How to: Be A Morning Person”

  1. These are good tips thanks so much for sharing them! I’m a total night owl and it can be difficult for me to wake up in the morning, so I’m definitely going to implement these things into my morning routine now xxx

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