BH Cosmetics + Makeup Giveaway Winners

Hi everyone!

So the day is finally here! The winners of my contest have been chosen! I don’t want to spoil the fun though, SO to see the winners of these two prizes, check out my Youtube Channel.  So head on over there to find out the lucky winners!

And for those who didn’t win these palettes, you can purchase these at BH Cosmetics online. The link is below!

BH Cosmetics

A little thanks…

I just wanted to thank every one who participated in my contest, I’ve listed the name below for everyone to see! I enjoyed every second of this giveaway and I’m so excited to do more in the future! Love you guys. Xx.

  • Jamie Udelhofen
  • Ashley Martin
  • Eikveer
  • Charity Green
  • Jennifer Ford
  • Kate Dianon
  • Jennifer Bowen
  • Kirsten Welch
  • Dwi Rivami
  • ItsRanda
  • Mollie Clifton
  • Mikalya Walden
  • Kennedy Mann
  • Carolina Gutierrez
  • Neila Dlihc
  • Trina Nicolay
  • Claudia RT
  • Lakaya Grace
  • Little Love Games
  • Jackie Keely
  • Cee (babyblueof011)
  • Joy (joygbae)

I will be emailing the winners so that we can go over the details as to when you will receive your makeup! I also would like to see/hear from the winners! And I’ll post an update for everyone when I can! Thanks again to all of my lovely followers! You’re all amazing! Xx.

*Disclaimer* This post contains affiliate links. 


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