Urban Decay Concealer Dupe

If you’re anything like me, you thoroughly enjoy finding a cheap dupe for a high end product. I personally think it’s insane how much some products cost (BUT I SHAMEFULLY STILL RAKE THE DOUGH OUT FOR THEM)

However, there’s always a drug-store brand that’ll slide out a product that is almost identical to some of the most expensive products out there. They know how life works and 90% of the population ISN’T rolling in money, so I’m here to help y’all out.

I found a completely budget-inclusive dupe for the ever-so-amazing Urban Decay Naked Concealer. It comes from E.L.F cosmetics and it is a hefty…wait for it… $3.00! That’s right, THREE DOLLARS. As opposed to the $29.00 bottle of Urban Decay concealer.


Okay, so obviously there are some differences in the quality of these two products. I mean if there wasn’t, then Urban Decay wouldn’t be able to sell the product for so much more. However, I’m going to explain the Pros and Cons of each & I’ll let you decide what you want.

Urban Decay Naked Skin

First off, I know there is a slight variation in the shades. HOWEVER, what I want you to see is how CLOSE the pigmentation and concentration is of the formulas.

The Urban Decay concealer is probably one of my all-time favorites, but I do think the ELF concealer is a very good dupe for this product.


Pros:                                            Cons:

Lightweight                                                                                         Minimal Coverage

Long-lasting                                                                                        Appears somewhat streaky

Not patchy on the skin                                                                     Not good with powder

Good for most skin types




Pros:                                               Cons:

Longlasting                                                                                           Clogs pores

Great Coverage                                                                                    Doesn’t blend into fine lines

Great on all skin types                                                                       EXPENSIVE.

All in all they are both great products. I think they both have their pros and cons. I enjoy both of these products for different reasons. However, I do think that the ELF is a very good dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Concealer, based on personal experience.

Let me know what you think of this post! Do you have an drugstore dupes for the Urban Decay Concealer? Comment Below!



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