Viseart Matte Palette | First Impression + Review

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t been very active for the past week or so. I’ve been very busy studying and working, so I haven’t had a lot of time to create posts for my blog. But today I just wanted to do a review/first impressions of the Viseart Professional Makeup Matte Palette, just because I thought it was a perfect fall inspired palette. Anyways, my friend actually gave me this palette because she had one already and she had amazing reviews for it, so I am extremely excited to try it out and I actually plan on doing a video of my first impression with this product!


So let’s start off with the details of this palette….

Retail Price: Okay so this product is a little more expensive than the other products I’ve purchased, it retails for $80.00 at Sephora. Again, you have to keep in mind that this is a professional cosmetics product from a high-end brand. I’m definitely going to find a drugstore dupe for this product, I just haven’t had the time. So for my girls on a budget, DON’T WORRY, I will find something a little more reasonable for you guys!

The palette includes 12 neutral matte shades, that are each .84oz. So, again, you’re not getting an EXTREME amount of product for such a hefty price, however, the quality is what matters.




Okay, so in my opinion, the picture doesn’t do this palette justice WHATSOEVER. I haven’t tried any actual eye looks with the palette yet, BUT I did want to see how blendable the colors were. So I did a little look on my arm and LET. ME. JUST. SAY. these colors blend like their lives depend on it. They look so natural, while also keeping a really pigmented look. I’m really excited to do a makeup look with just this palette, because I really want you all to see just how good the colors are.

The swatches look very smeared on and honestly that makes me excited because that means the pigments won’t cake onto your face and look streaky. They’re very buildable, but as you can see they’re also VERY pigmented.



I will say that I’m not positive the product is WORTH the price just yet. Again, I don’t have a full review for the product though, so if I end up filming a video for it, I will definitely let you guys know. AND if you want a drugstore dupe for this product PLEASE let me know, because it would honestly be fun for me.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget about my FREE MAKEUP GIVEAWAY!! I just checked my order status and the makeup will be here today, SO, you guys should be seeing a post tomorrow!




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