Favorite Fall Nail Polish

Hey everyone,

HAPPY LABOR DAY!!! Hope you’re spending it with friends and family.

If you’ve been keeping up with my latest posts, you know I LOVE Fall. I’m so excited for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all of the festivities that come along with this time of the year. It’s my absolute favorite time, so naturally all of my posts will be centered around Fall topics.

Today I just wanted to show you guys a few of my favorite Fall nail polish colors. These are actually more like Fall to Winter  colors, so if you happen to notice that these colors aren’t your idea of “fall vibes”; Just know that these are what I PERSONALLY wear during this time.


Color #1


So this is by the brand Orly and it is the shade “Dazzle”. It’s a very shimmery silver color. I love this shade so much. I think it’s super versatile, but also keeps with the Fall/Winter vibes.

Color #2


This is another shade by Orly and it is my FAVORITE color that I own right now. If you can’t tell from this image, it is a shimmery rose gold color and it’s SO gorgeous. The shade name is “Rage”.

Color #3


This one is similar to the first shade I showed you all, except it is by China Glaze and it is more of a matte brown/grey shade. It’s actually the shade “Recycle” and I can tell that I’m going to be wearing this shade the most during the fall time.

Color #4 & #5


I combined these two because the label on my Navy blue shade is gone and I wanted you all to be able to see what it looks like with a label. So these colors are from the brand Formula X and the navy shade is called “Orbit”, while the nude shade is called “Monumental”.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I plan on posting another part for my Favorite Nail Polishes, I have a few colors in mind that I’m going to buy for the next post!

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