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Hey everyone,

It’s a lazy Sunday for me. I’ve been trying to schedule in posts for everyone and I felt like writing a little post for someone just starting their blog or someone who has trouble with their blogging.

First, I’m going to start with the ugly truth of blogging. It’s a pretty demanding thing.  For anyone who thinks that they’ll be able to post once a month and gain millions of followers, I’m truly sorry, but it’s not going to happen.

Which leads me to my next point, you shouldn’t create a blog to get followers. You should have a desire to share your interests with the world. People like genuine and real articles and if your hearts not in it, it’s going to effect the quality of your content.


I know that I’m not the only girl who blogs while in college and working a full time job, so I’m not claiming to have a ridiculously hard schedule. However, I just wanted to show you guys some tips, so that I could possibly help someone out.

  1. SCHEDULE YOUR POSTS. This little thing will save your life. I personally will write four/five posts every weekend and schedule them to publish during different times of the week. It’s so much easier than just relying on your memory and ability to write a new post every other day. Trust me, it’s 100% easier to find a free time during your week to write a few posts. 
  2. SET UP A PHOTOGRAPHY CORNER. In my loft, I have a little corner set up so that any time I want to take an aesthetic picture for my blog posts, I can. My set-up is literally just a curtain on the wall and I set my products in front of it for each picture. It’s way easier for me to do this, then to try and find a new spot to set up my pictures every time I want to post. 
  3. DON’T INVEST YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH FOR LIKES. What I mean by this is, do not go spending tons of cash on different things that you think will get you likes. For the first few months of your blog, I would highly suggest using the things you have already. There’s no need to go out and purchase tons of makeup. Just use your products sparingly. Also, for those on a budget, I would definitely subscribe to a beauty box! It helps build your makeup collection at a lot cheaper of a price. 
  4. STOP TALKING, START DOINGNobody and I mean NOBODY. Likes to read novel-length blog posts. We want the content and only the content we asked for. Until you have loyal followers who just like to read your posts because they love you, stick to short-concise articles, unless your into literature, that’s different. 
  5. YOUR IPHONE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Please do not go out and purchase a $1000 camera. Your phone camera will do pretty much the exact same. I use a Canon DSLR camera and let me tell you, half of my pictures are still taken on my phone. I find that the quality is almost the exact same. Now, if you want to invest in a good camera, just because, DO IT. But please don’t go spend all of that money on an impulse, because blogging doesn’t require that. 
  6. GET SOCIAL. To really get your blog started, you can easily get traffic by just commenting and following and liking other posts. However, don’t just go through your “Discover” clicking on random blogs, not reading the posts, and faking interests. You have to be genuine always, people can see through the fake. 
  7. FIND YOUR NICHEPLEASE do not go out and  copy someone else’s content. One, that is plagiarism, and two, it’s just not cool. Before creating a blog, you should already know what you really want to accomplish with it. You can go look at other blogs for inspiration, but find your own look. 
  8. SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. You know yourself better than anyone. Do not promise your followers a new post every-day if you KNOW you will not be able to accomplish that. Also, don’t front for the camera. People like drugstore products, EVERYONE LIKES CHEAP THINGS. You don’t have to have tons of high-end makeup/designer clothes to get followers. 
  9. FOCUS ON QUALITY. I personally spent the first month of my blogging life just setting up my blog. I literally had ZERO followers, but I had that thing looking like a professionally done blog. My best advice is to really focus on your quality of content. There are so many things that can improve your blog for FREE. I’ll elaborate more in another post, (COMING SOON)
  10. BEST FRIENDS ARE NECESSARY. My best friend is amazing. I have hired her to be my PR girl. She literally helps me with all of my social media things and photography needs and you wanna know the best part. SHE DOES IT FOR FREE!! So, I know it’s impossible to do everything on your own. That’s why I suggest to ask your close friend to help out with your blog. 


I’m sorry this post was SO long. I really hate doing lengthy posts. I just felt like it would help someone. So if you enjoyed this post, please let me know. I love hearing from you guys.





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  1. Great advice I’ll take that on board I read it carefully I am only 2 weeks or so into this so finding my feeet, thanks for the top tips, it would be lovely if you might follow me too, thank you in advance . Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Tamara x

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