Boujee on a Budget

Hey everyone,

So I’m thinking of starting a new thing; If everyone likes this, I’ll keep doing it weekly. Anyways, I’m going to show you guys how to look “boujee on a budget” which basically means, I know most of us don’t have so much money that we can just buy a new outfit everyday. I’m going to help you all create a versatile wardrobe that LOOKS like you never wear the same outfit twice. And here we go…



 I can guarantee this simple outfit of Kylie Jenner’s is WAY out of most of our budgets. So below I’ve listed items that you can recreate this outfit with at a more reasonable price.

Hoodie:  This one is not blue, it is grey; but still I chose this one because it is $25.00 at H&M and I felt like Grey was more versatile too. 

Distressed Cropped Jeans:  The great thing about these jeans is that they’re in style and are extremely versatile. So you’ll be able to mix and match these with TONS of things. These are from Forever 21 and they are $45.00 

Nude Booties: These are also from Forever21 and they are $40.00; these are also very on trend. I love these because they look nude but aren’t transparent, which is a plus for me. 

Hat: This hat is SO cheap and is a pretty good dupe for the one Kylie is wearing. It is from Target and it is only $13.00. You’re welcome. 




Distressed Skinny Jeans:  I’ve always loved black distressed jeans. They just have this weird ability to make every outfit look cool and chic at the same time. These are from Forever21 for $30.00

Black Top: Okay so you could literally get a black Hanes t-shirt for like $8.00 at Walmart; But, I decided to show you another cheap option as well. This one is from H&M and it is only $6.00. 

Jacket: So this jacket is more of a leather jacket and the one on Cara Loren is actually a biker type jacket. I just chose this one because leather jackets are very versatile and most people have them already. This one is from Forever21 and it is $22.00; that’s not too bad!

Flats:  I really like these flats, I think they’re so cute and perfect for work! They are from Forever21 as well and they are only $20.00! Style steal!

Handbag: So this bag is so precious; I can already see all of the outfits you could pair this with! It’s from Target and I totally think it is worth the price – $30.00




Cropped Sweatshirt: This isn’t the exact same sweatshirt, but again, I felt like this one was just really cute and a great price. It’s $18.00 and it’s from H&M.

High-Rise Mom Jeans: In love with Mom jeans, no further explanation needed. These are from Forever21 and they are $30.00

White Booties: I chose a pair from Forever21, they are $48.00; these are a little more expensive, however, I feel like they’re worth it, because boots like these are VERY fashionable and make a statement with any outfit.

Purse: Again, this isn’t exactly like the one that Gigi Hadid is carrying, I just felt like this one was more realistic because it is a plain grey purse and is only $25.00 from Forever21.


Okay guys, so PLEASE comment below and let me know what you think of this post! If you want to see more or if you hate it! I like to hear from you all!



(Disclaimer: I do not own these images)

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3 thoughts on “Boujee on a Budget”

  1. Love these types of posts! Sometimes it takes some real looking to find clothing trends and looks for less, but it really is worth it. Thanks for sharing lovely xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been sick lately so I haven’t had time to research any looks ☹️ but I’m thinking of taking requests for people. I.e. They send me images of outfits and I find dupes for them. 😊 Thanks for reading! Xx.


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