How To: Aesthetic Instagram

Do you ever just look at someone’s Instagram account and drool with jealously over their aesthetically pleasing feed? Do you ever get upset because as hard as you try, you still can’t make your pictures coordinate seamlessly? Well, I’m here to help you out with that. I’m going to show you how to achieve a perfect and unique aesthetic for your instagram account.


  1. Have a great photo editor. 

Everyone needs a great photo editing app, mainly because a filter can work wonders on a picture. I personally use the app VSCO, if you haven’t tried it, stop reading this and download the app right now. The app was originally created to help photographers share their pictures through album; However, all of us that are trying to achieve the aesthetically pleasing instagram feed can greatly benefit from this app too.

I used the filter ‘P5’ on all of these images; this helps create a sort of theme throughout my album.

2. Stick to one filter

As I mentioned in the first point, using one designated theme creates a balance throughout your pictures. Obviously, if you flip-flop through different filter shades, your pictures won’t compliment each other. For example, below are three pictures that have different filters on them; the aesthetic’s are ALL WRONG.

While they still might be good pictures, they aren’t satisfying like the previous images.


3. Stock-up on images ready to publish. 

One of the best tips I’ve ever had was to have multiple images ready to publish throughout the week. Most people don’t go out and do picture-worthy things every single day, so to keep your instagram followers happy, just have pictures ready to post. Basically the easiest way of doing this is plan your posts for the week on Sunday; that way, you’ll know what other type of pics you need to add to your collections when you do have a picturesque event.


4. Mix it up.

Nobody wants to see your selfies every single day. Nobody. To have an aesthetically pleasing instagram, you have to switch up what you post. My favorite thing to do is create a pattern. I will post a selfie, a pic with a friend, a pic of my nails, a pic of my pet, a pic of food, etc. and then start over. It creates a recurring theme that’ll have your friends envying you.


5. Stay inside the box.

Okay, just this once, you need to stay inside the box. Restrain yourself from posting that hilarious cat meme or that cringey throwback of you and your friends in the sixth grade, because there is NO way to make that correlate with your aesthetics. If you must share this with everyone, post it to your snapchat story; you’ll thank me later.


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