Current Favorite YouTube Channels.

If you're a part of this generation, you are probably obsessed with Youtubers. As for me, I will binge watch YouTube videos literally all day, NO SHAME IN MY GAME.

But, sometimes I find myself in a state of "Youtuber's-Block"; basically where I can't seem to find a single new channel to indulge in because I've already watched every video posted that I subscribe to.

So, to help you all out, I wanted to post a list of my favorite YouTube Channels.

1. Jaclyn Hill

(Image taken from JaclynHill Instagram)

Okay, so this one was just for kick. Every one out there has probably already watched her videos on repeat by now. But I am absolutely IN LOVE with her videos and basically everything she does. So, go ahead and check out her channel, if you haven't already.

2. Isabella Fiori

(Image taken from IsabellaFiori Instragram)

If you're interest in vloggers and the occasional makeup tutorial; Bella is perfect for you. I love all of her makeup looks. She hasn't been posting a lot of tutorials lately though, but she does a lot of vlogging. So, again, if you are very into the vlogger trend, this is a perfect channel for you, but if you're more interested in tutorials, you might not love her.

3. Manny Mua

(Image taken from MannyMua Instagram)

Again, you've probably heard of the AMAZING MANNY. I cannot say enough about him. He is one of my top-fav youtubers. You can tell that he is being true to himself and isn't just trying to get rich and famous. I love his honestly, it makes him way more relatable and honey, he slays EVERY LOOK.

4. Jordan Lipscombe

(image taken from jordanlipscombe Instagram)

For all viewers who enjoy very dramatic makeup looks, Jordan is perfect for you. Her looks aren't just "every day" looks and I find them extremely cool. She also does some vlogging, if that interests you.

5. NikkiTutorials

(Image taken from NikkiTutorials Instagram)

I LOVE HER. If you don't know her (which you probably do) you need to stop what you're doing and watch her videos, like now. She is hilarious and can really create some amazing looks. I love her personality and how funny she is. She also very dramatic, costume looks as well.

6. Alexandria Morgan

(Image taken from AlexandriaMorgan Instagram)

This channel is for anyone who is bored with their life and really wants to be jealous of a jet-setting model/vlogger. Most of her videos are "model" advice and experiences. So, obviously you can't relate to her videos, but you can drool over them and secretly hate her out of jealousy. Lol.

Okay guys, thanks for taking the time to read my article, I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like this. Thanks!


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