Conquering the Job Interview.

If you're a part of the adulting world, you've had to deal with ever-so-dreadful "Job Interview". Just saying the words gives me anxiety. Even if you haven't entered into the world of job searching, odds are you'll have to experience a job interview at least once in your lifetime.

I've decided to create an article, exposing my best tips and tricks for how this broke girl impresses the companies and gets paid. (I am not in any way an expert, these are my opinions based on past experiences.)

1. Dress the part.

This part is CRUCIAL. An employers first impression of you can make or break their final decision. I know, looks aren't everything BUT the sad reality is that most employers do prefer well-groomed, modestly dressed employees. So, my best advice to you is invest in a good business casual outfit that shows you are ALL PROFESSIONAL and you deserve this job, darn it. It's also a good idea to keep the makeup to a minimal and sleek hair is always a WIN.

2. Confidence is key.

The saying is old but gold. Employers love energetic, confident people. Now, don't get too cocky, lol! But still, how do you expect the employers to believe in you, if you don't even believe in yourself?? GIRL SLAY.

3. Rehearse your lines.

Now, I know you're not an actor and most likely not auditioning for a part; however, you can't just go into an interview and stumble around all the questions that the interviewers ask. Most interviews consist of the same questions. Why do you want this job? What could you bring to the table? What experience do you have? Blah blah blah. Just make sure you have an intelligent, well thought out answer for each question. Trust me. It help. But don't memorize anything, nothing sounds worse than a robotic response. They NEED TO SEE THOSE FEELINGS!

I cannot stress this enough. You must make eye contact with the people interviewing you. If you have trouble with this, my trick is, stare at their nose. (I know so original) but seriously, you look guilty and suspicious if you never make direct eye contact. Also, it shows your future employers that you do care enough to listen what to what they're saying (even if you don't). Hey, fake it until you make it, right?

5. Turn The Tables On Them.
What I mean by this is, have questions ready for you interviewers. Sure, their main job is to ask you, but it looks REALLY impressive when you ask questions during the awkward pauses of the interview. Now, don't ask anything personal, mainly stick to the questions about the position you're applying for. Most of the time, they'll answer all the questions at the beginning of the interview, but if you come up with a witty question for them, it shows that you're really interested in this job.

6. No Cellphones.

It is in your best interest to just completely turn your cellular device OFF, yeah that's right you HEARD ME, OFF. Nothing kills an interview more than a vibrating, or especially, ringing phone. You can just imagine how much of an annoyance that would be to your future employer. It shows that you don't care enough to give them your undivided attention for a short period of time. Totally not cool.

7. Arrive Early.
If you don't listen to anything else I have to say, this is the only thing you really need to listen to. Punctuality is a must-have. My best advice is to arrive AT LEAST 20 minutes early to the interview. If you leave early, you don't risk showing up late, which is a BIG, I repeat, BIG no-no.

So I think that basically covers everything. I hope you enjoy this article. If you haven't already, please subscribe, I promise I don't bite. But forreal, I love all you guys and I really hope this helps you!



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