Shoes Every Fashionista Needs

Calling all Fashionistas, wannabe fashionistas, and people who simply need help on their shoe-drobe. I’m taking some time today to inform you all of the 5 TYPES OF SHOES EVERYONE NEEDS FOR THEIR WARDROBE.

  1. First things first- COMFORT. I, myself, heavily believe that comfort is key. The best thing about fashion is that you can have comfort while also looking stylish. I love the newest sneaker trends that are happening lately. Whether you’re a chuck taylor die-hard or a Nike Athlete… Sneakers. Are. Your. Friend.

    2. The second essential shoe type is the classic wedge. Wedges are every girls best friend. They create full comfort without the stabbing of a regular heel, but still give you height and style. I particularly love wedges, also they’re SO much easier to walk in than regular heels. (SHARE to save a heel-virgin’s life)

    3. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, POINTED TOE WEDGES are the classic statement shoe for every girl out there. They elongate the legs, provide height, and turn any regular outfit into a  “model off duty” moment.

    4. One essential pair of shoes most commonly overlooked is the BOOTIE. Never forget to invest in a good BOOTIE (WINK WINK) They have this amazing ability to be worn during any season of the year and not look out of season. Never say BYE BYE BOOTIE again. (get it, like bye, bye birdy? haha, I’m not funny)

    5. The little bootie’s taller sister is the last shoe-drobe essential- the classic Boot. I’m not talking cowboy boot either (unless that’s your style, then rock it) and I’m definitely not talking about the infamous UGGs (I own a pair, no hate). I’m talking about THESE…

Like always, a big thank you for reading my article, feel free to let me know what else you’d like to see.






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