Lately I’ve been really wanting to get a tattoo.. I don’t know, something about inking my skin permanently with art is very desirable to me. I’ve always wanted a tattoo but I didn’t want to get one until I found something that had a personal meaning to it. Well I’ll spare y’all the sob story but the last year, God has really tested my faith but showed me that he would never leave my side. So one day I was looking at Pinterest (like always) and I had seen a bible verse with the word “Yahweh” in it. The word caught my eye and I decided to look up the meaning. So the word itself is Hebrew and it means “god with us” and something about that is just so amazing to me. So one day, when I finally man up, I plan on getting the word “Yahweh” on my side, to show that God is always with us and he is always on my side. Also I plan on getting the word put on my side so that he’ll literally always be by my side.

Food for thought.




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