Essential Oils

Hey loves,

So if you’ve been on Facebook any time in the last year, you’ve probably seen a boat-load of posts raving about “How great essential oils are!!!” etc. Well, for me I’ve seen the posts and I believed the whole concept of essential oils was a waste of time and money. However, that all changed when I adopted Charlie. The day I got him, I remember snuggling him up close to me and loving how clean he smelled. I contacted the lady I got Charlie from to ask her what amazing product she used.. and to my demise, of course she had put a few drops of essential oils on him. She also said the oil was good for keeping fleas off of him.

So, a week or so later when Charlie’s amazing scent started to fade away, I caved. I ordered my very own set of essential orders off of Amazon. The package was SO cute and it came with a booklet of all the uses you can get from the oils. I was immediately obsessed. Now I swear by these amazing little oils. I put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil on my face because I had severe acne breakouts, and no lie IT ALL CLEARED UP OVER NIGHT. It is amazing. You can make potpourri, strengthen your hair, relieve stress, and enhance spiritual awareness, all with just a few drops of oil. This isn’t a promotion, just a little insight on my experiences with essential oils.

I attached the link for the essential oils below and also included a picture, let me know what you think of the oils.





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