Puppy Love

So I adopted a pup a few weeks ago and I decided to share my experiences with you. Charlie has become one of the greatest responsibilities I’ve ever had. He drives me crazy most of the time, I’m not going to lie. He’s super messy, he poops everywhere, and his little paws seem to get ahold of everything in site. However, if you put all of that aside, you see how amazing owning a dog is. Every time I come home, I’m greeted by the sweetest most precious little puppy in the world and of course, he’s always over-joyed to see me.

On a side note, I would recommend any couple adopt a dog or two before deciding to get pregnant. It may sound a little silly comparing the hardships of caring for a child to a puppy, but don’t underestimate the little pups. Anyways I’ve left a picture of charlie below so that your heart can melt like mine does 24/7.






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